• All my papers on the Arxiv (but exclude the Atiyah lectures!)
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    The work in this e-print was subsequently divided into 3 papers:
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  • Singularities, double points, controlled topology and chain duality
    Documenta Mathematica
    4, 1--59 (1999)
    Applications of chain duality to local invariants of Poincar\'e complexes and maps of manifolds, with homological obstructions answering:
    (1) Is a polyhedron with Poincar\'e duality a homology manifold?
    (2) Does a degree 1 PL map of polyhedral homology manifolds have acyclic point inverses?
    The paper may be regarded as a combinatorial introduction to controlled topology and surgery theory.
  • The Maslov index and the Wall signature non-additivity invariant Unpublished notes (1997)
  • Notes on Reidemeister torsion Unpublished notes (1997)
  • Controlled L-theory (Preliminary announcement) (with Masayuki Yamasaki)
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  • Controlled K-theory (with Masayuki Yamasaki)
    A self-contained account of the controlled algebraic K_0- and K_1-groups, including the applications to proofs of Chapman's result on the topological invariance of Whitehead torsion, and West's result on the homotopy finiteness of compact ANR's.
    Topology and Its Applications 61, 1--59 (1995)
  • Finite domination and Novikov rings
    The main result is that an infinite cyclic cover of a finite CW complex is finitely dominated if and only if the homology groups with coefficients in the Novikov rings are acyclic.
    Topology 34, 619--632 (1995)
    A message from Dan Grayson
    Zentralblatt review by Hans Munkholm
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    Most of the material in the dissertation and notes was subsequently published in The algebraic theory of surgery I. and II.,
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