The Categorical Late Lunch

Edinburgh's informal category theory seminar

During the 2020-21 academic year we are running an online category theory seminar. In semester 2, it'll happen roughly fortnightly on Wednesdays at 3pm.

The idea is for this seminar to be pretty low-key—a place where, for instance, grad students feel comfortable giving an introduction to some standard categorical topic. It's not intended to be an ordinary seminar where the norm is to describe your latest cutting-edge work.

We have a mixed group of participants, ranging from derived algebraic geometry to theoretical computer science, so talks should be accessible to anyone who knows some basic category theory. The aim is to create an informal environment, where questions and interaction during the talks are encouraged.

To keep things relaxed, this is for UoE + friends, and not publicly accessible. For Zoom details, or to propose a topic, email Emily or Ruben.


Semester 2

20 January 2021 — Tom Leinster — 'Isbell conjugacy' — Whiteboard
3 February — Chris Heunen — 'Sheaf representation of monoidal categories' — Slides
3 March — Robin Kaarsgaard — 'Graph traversals as universal constructions' — Slides
10 March — Clark Barwick — 'A motivated introduction to ∞-categories: Part 1' (90 minutes long: 3pm-4:30pm)
17 March — Clark Barwick — 'A motivated introduction to ∞-categories: Part 2' (90 minutes long: 3pm-4:30pm)
31 March — Nuiok Dicaire

Semester 1

1 October 2020 — Tom Leinster — 'The surprising power of free categories' — Whiteboard
15 October — Jean-Simon Lemay — 'Hopf monads and trace monads' — Whiteboard
29 October — Graham Manuell — 'A 2-categorical bifunctor theorem' — Slides
12 November — Ruben Van Belle — 'Lax algebras and topology' — Slides
26 November — Carlos Zapata-Carratala — 'Ternary structures: generalising associativity and categories' — Blackboard
10 December — Pablo Andres-Martinez — 'Feedback loops without coproducts: Haghverdi's Unique Decomposition Categories' — Whiteboard

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