Emily Roff (エミリーロッフ)

Publications and preprints

[6] 'The small-scale limit of magnitude and the one-point property' (with M. Yoshinaga), arXiv:2312.14497, 2023
[5] 'The reachability homology of a directed graph' (with R. Hepworth), arXiv:2312.01378, 2023
[4] 'Iterated magnitude homology', arXiv:2309.00577, 2023
[3] 'Magnitude, homology, and the Whitney twist', Homol. Homotopy Appl. 25(1):105–130, 2024; arXiv:2211.02520, 2022
[2] 'The size and shape of things: magnitude, diversity, homology', PhD thesis, Edinburgh, 2022
This contains all of the material in [1], most of [3] and some of [4], plus a chapter discussing alternative ways to extend magnitude homology from finite to infinite metric spaces.
[1] 'The maximum entropy of a metric space' (with T. Leinster), Q. J. Math. 72(4):1271–1309, 2021

In preparation

'Bigraded path homology and the magnitude-path spectral sequence' (with R. Hepworth)

Invited talks

(Some titles link to slides. Talks in italics are forthcoming.)

04.2024 [Title TBC] Topology Seminar BIMSA, Beijing
07.2023 What is the shape of a network? SIAM Minisymposium on Magnitude Eindhoven
05.2023 (Two untitled talks) Beyond Finite Sets—Homotopy Theory and Combinatorics Copenhagen
01.2023 Magnitude homology of enriched groups Topology Seminar Aberdeen
12.2022 What are higher-order roles in social systems? SYCO 10 Edinburgh
04.2022 Magnitude homology, normed groups, and holes in the plane Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics Seminar TU Dresden
06.2021 Magnitude homology and iterated enrichment Postgraduate Forum Lancaster
05.2021 Magnitude homology of semidirect products and "spheres" MiaowMiaow Bi/Double-Categorical Seminar Sheffield
11.2020 Maximum entropy, uniform measure ML@CL Machine Learning Seminar Cambridge
06.2020 Magnitude homology, from scratch Pure Postgraduate Seminar Southampton
12.2019 Diversity and magnitude LMS Applied Algebra and Geometry Research Network Oxford
04.2019 The magnitude and diversity of a metric space TopApp Workshop IST Austria

Contributed talks

12.2023 Iterated magnitude homology Magnitude 2023 Osaka
05.2022 Magnitude homology in Euclidean space PSSL 106 Brno
08.2021 Magnitude homology and iterated enrichment Category Theory 20–>21 Genova
06.2021 Magnitude homology and iterated enrichment Categories and Companions Symposium Macquarie
07.2019 The maximum diversity of a compact metric space Magnitude 2019 Edinburgh

Local seminar talks

11.2023 Reachability homology and the magnitude-path spectral sequence Topology Seminar Osaka
02.2023 Magnitude, diversity, homology. A survey, with questions Analysis Seminar Edinburgh
10.2021 Return of the alley cats: 10 minutes of magnitude The Categorical Late Lunch Edinburgh
08.2021 What is a hole in a locally metric category? The Categorical Late Lunch Edinburgh
11.2019 Hochschild homology for enriched categories Hodge Club Edinburgh
04.2019 The magnitude of an enriched category GEARS Seminar Edinburgh
03.2019 Diversity: developments in the biology of mathematics Hodge Club Edinburgh
01.2019 Building complexes from point clouds Persistent Homology Working Seminar Edinburgh
03.2018 Commutative monads Part III Seminar Cambridge