School of Mathematics

Awards and Recognition

Awards and recognition for members of the Optimization and Operational Research group

External recognition

  • Miguel Anjos was the Schöller Senior Fellow for 2020, EUROPT Fellow for 2017, Inria International Chair for 2016-2021 and is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering 
  • Jacek Gondzio was the EUROPT 2019 Fellow
  • Akshay Gupte was elected as the Vice-Chair (2020 & 2021) and Chair (2022 & 2023) of the INFORMS Computing Society

Staff awards

  • Julian Hall was awarded the Mathematical Programming Computation best paper prize for 2018, for the paper "Parallelizing the dual revised simplex method", and the Computational Optimization and Applications best paper prize for 2015, for the paper "Novel update techniques for the revised simplex method"
  • Lars Schewe was awarded the Howard Rosenbrock Prize in 2019, and the EURO Excellence in Practice Award (EEPA) in 2016

Student prizes