School of Mathematics


Research in the School is undertaken in a wide variety of areas of the mathematical sciences, including pure, applied, statistics, operational research as well as mathematical physics.

The research environment is enhanced by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and by close collaboration with Heriot-Watt University through the Maxwell Institute which was set up in 2005 following significant funding from the Scottish Funding Council. Researchers in areas of applied mathematics benefit from the proximity of strong research groups elsewhere in the University and from collaborative opportunities with local companies and other users of research.

For students considering PhD studies, our Graduate School is supervised by internationally-leading researchers spanning a wide spectrum of topics, making our School a world renowned centre of excellence in mathematics.

Analysis and Probability

The Analysis and Probability research theme covers a broad spectrum from harmonic analysis and probability theory to pure and applied PDEs, with applications in data science and machine learning, finance and economics.

Applied and Computational Mathematics

The Applied and Computational Mathematics research theme combines expertise in dynamics, continuum and statistical mechanics, stochastic methods and advanced scientific computing to develop new techniques for applications such as data analytics, molecular dynamics, geophysical and astrophysical fluids, and material sciences.

Data and Decisions

The Data and Decisions research theme undertakes research at the forefront of modern mathematical and computational problems related to optimization, operational research, statistics and their application: core elements of Data Science.

Structure and Symmetry

The Structure and Symmetry theme research interests cover much fundamental research in pure mathematics and mathematical physics.

Technology Enhanced Mathematical Sciences Education

The Technology Enhanced Mathematical Sciences Education research theme covers a broad spectrum of educational research within higher education mathematics, statistics and data science.

Energy in Maths

This collective of researchers carries out world-leading research and engagement with industry related to energy systems.