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Prof. Jacek Gondzio

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  • Professor

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Research Interests

Prof Gondzio is interested in the theory and implementation of optimization methods for linear, quadratic and nonlinear programming. He is also interested in the use of linear algebra techniques and sparse matrix factorisation methods applied in optimization. His interests include the use of parallel and distributed computing for solving real-life very large optimization problems arising in telecommunications, energy sector and finance.

Research Groups

Current and Recent PhD Students

  • Marco Colombo (2003-2007: PhD)
  • Cathy Buchanan (2003-2007: MPhil)
  • Ghussoun Al-Jeiroudi (2004-2009: PhD)
  • Kristian Woodsend (2005-2009: PhD)
  • Xi Yang (2005-2010: PhD)
  • Qun Zhang (2009-2010: MSc by Research)
  • Pablo Gonzalez (2009-2013: PhD)
  • Pedro Munari Jr (2009-2013: PhD)
  • Kimon Fountoulakis (2011-2015: PhD)
  • Lukas Schork (2015-2018: PhD)
  • Spyros Pougkakiotis (2017-2022: PhD)
  • Kresimir Mihic (2018-2021: PhD)
  • Filippo Zanetti (2019-)
  • Siemen Nooren (2022-)

Recent Conference and Workshop Involvement

  • J. Gondzio, New Optimization Techniques for Sparse Approximations (keynote talk) EURO 2022 Conference, July 3-6 2022, Helsinki, Finland, Wed 06 July, 2022.
  • J. Gondzio, Applications of Interior Point methods: from Sparse Approximations to Discrete Optimal Transport (plenary talk), PGMO days 2022, Paris, France, November 29-30, 2022.

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Education Background

Prof Gondzio holds an engineering degree (1983) and a PhD in Electronics (1989) both from the Department of Electronics, Warsaw University of Technology.

Previous Employment

Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (1983-1993); Department of Management Studies, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland (1993-1998).