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Dr. Akshay Gupte

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  • Lecturer

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Research Interests

My primary research interests are in theory, algorithms, and applications of nonconvex optimization. On the theoretical side, I work mainly on convexification techniques for mixed-integer and nonlinear (polynomial optimization) problems. I also have secondary research interests in computational discrete mathematics, particularly the structural study of convex polytopes and structural graph theory, and the use of tools from computational algebraic geometry in polynomial optimization. The theoretical results of my research have direct impact on accelerating convergence of global optimization algorithms for nonconvex problems. The motivating applications for my research come from various disciplines, such as chemical engineering, resilient network design, quantitative finance, game theory.

My research has been funded by multiple grants from US federal agencies - (1) National Science Foundation (NSF) Computational Mathematics grant 2019-21 (sole PI) (2) Office of Naval Research Mathematical Optimization grant 2016-20 (co-PI), (3) NSF NRT grant 2016-21 (co-Inv.), (4) Department of Education GAANN grant 2015-18 (co-PI).

Research Groups

Current and Recent PhD Students

Current: Yiran Zhu

Past (at Clemson U., USA):

1) Nathan Adelgren (currently a Research Associate at Princeton U.),

2) Yibo Xu (currently a Postdoc at Rensselaer Polytechnic, USA)

Recent Conference and Workshop Involvement

A team of PhD students supervised by me won a maths modelling competition at MOPTA 2021 at Lehigh University, USA.

Select Recent Talks :

- INFORMS Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, October 2021 (speaker and cluster chair)

- MINLP Workshop, Imperial College, June 2021 (plenary)

- 28th British Combinatorial Conference, Durham Univ., July 2021 (speaker)

- EUROPT 18th Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization, July 2021 (speaker)

- SIAM Conference on Optimization, July 2021 (minisymposium organizer and speaker)

- SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics, July 2021 (speaker)

- 3rd IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research, April 2021 (speaker)

- CRM-DIMACS MINLP Workshop, U. Montreal, October 2019 (speaker)

Conference Organisation (major roles only, excludes session chair roles) :

- 15th Mixed Integer Programming (MIP2018) Workshop, Greenville, SC, June 2018 (chair)

- INFORMS Optimization Society Meeting, Greenville, SC, March 2020 (committee member, postponed due to COVID-19)

- Minisymposium Chair for SIAM Optimization Conference (2017, 2021)

- Cluster Chair for INFORMS Annual Meetings (2018 - 21)

Biographical Statement

I am originally from Bombay (Mumbai), India, and after completing my Bachelor's degree, I moved to the USA for higher education. My Ph.D. degree is in Operations Research, with a minor in Mathematics, from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. I worked as an Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University in USA where I got tenured and promoted to Associate Professor before moving to The University of Edinburgh in January 2020. You can read my academic interview.

Professional Activities

- Chair (2022 - 23) and Vice-Chair (2020 - 21) of the INFORMS Computing Society

- Vice-Chair (2018 - 19) of the INFORMS Optimization Society (responsible for Integer and Discrete Optimization cluster)

- Associate Editor : Optimization & Engineering (area: Mathematics, 2022 - ), Operations Research Forum (2019 - )

School Committees

- MSc programmes in OR : Coordinator of dissertations (2020 - ) and Academic Selector for admissions (2021 - )

Education Background

- Ph.D. in Operations Research (minor: Maths), Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA), 2012

- M.S., University of Arizona (Tucson, USA), 2007

- B.E., VJTI (Bombay, India), 2005

Previous Employment

- Clemson University (SC, USA), School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences, Aug 2012 - Dec 2019

joined as Assistant Professor, promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

- Exxon Mobil Research and Engineering (NJ, USA), Intern, May - Aug 2010