I completed a PhD in harmonic analysis under the supervision of Tony Carbery, graduating in 2014.

Kinnear, G. (2014). Case studies for the multilinear Kakeya theorem and Wolff-type inequalities (Doctoral thesis, University of Edinburgh). URL:


During the first 6 months of the PhD, I followed lecture courses from the SMSTC in Algebra, Geometry & Topology, and Pure Analysis. Alongside this, I was reading Stein's Singular Integrals.

I then proceeded to reading Córdoba's Translation Invariant Operators; in particular the section on Bochner-Riesz multipliers, alongside related material.

I worked on a problem related to the recent paper of Garrigós and Seeger, as well as the multilinear Kakeya problem.

Conferences & Workshops


I organised an informal “Analysis Club”, which took the form of a series of talks by and for graduate students.