MATH10010 Mathematical Education

This course surveys theories of learning and teaching mathematics, and is aimed at final-year undergraduates in the School of Mathematics.

I have been Course Organiser on this course since 2016/17.

MATH07003 Fundamentals of Algebra and Calculus

I worked with Richard Gratwick to co-develop this introductory course in 2018, and I have been Course Organiser since the course was first offered in 2018/19.

The innovative design of the course draws on many ideas from education research. You can visit my blog for more information about the design and evaluation of the course.

Other teaching

I previously designed and led computer lab sessions for Y3 Honours Differential Equations and Y3 Honours Algebra, including redeveloping course materials in 2019/20 to use Python and SageMath instead of Maple.

Project supervision

I regularly offer undergraduate projects on topics related to mathematics education, often linked to my ongoing research interests.





Task analysis in undergraduate mathematics, which led to the publication Kinnear et al. (2020).