School of Mathematics

Undergraduate Study

We offer a range of degrees with a flexible structure and wide choice of courses, so you can tailor your studies to your interests and career plans.

A degree from the University of Edinburgh involving mathematics or statistics is a prestigious degree from a prestigious university. It is highly regarded and our graduates have an excellent employment record.

The central importance and influence of mathematics is reflected in the variety of degrees and joint degrees that we offer. We teach a broad curriculum of various types of mathematics, flexibly structured to include core courses and a wide range of options.

As well as our four-year broad programme, we also offer Year 2 Entry to a selection of our programmes.

Degree programmes

Our range of programmes includes options which specialise in particular branches of mathematics, as well as joint honours degrees with various subjects.

What will I study?

All of our programmes start with a common core of mathematics courses, with increasing options for specialisation in later years depending on your interests.

What support will I have?

Student Learning Advisor talking to a student
There are various avenues of support available in the School to help you succeed in your studies.

Student blogs

Our student bloggers share their experiences of studying mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.