School of Mathematics

Funding, fees and scholarships

Information on fees, funding, and scholarships awarded by the School of Mathematics.

School of Mathematics Scholarships

The School has two types of scholarship available to undergraduate students studying full-time in the School. Scholarships are generous and are offered to students of outstanding ability. All scholarships are tenable for the duration of study, subject to satisfactory academic progress each year.

Mathematics Access Scholarships

Access scholarships offered to Mathematics students of outstanding ability from Scotland and the rest of the UK, for the academic session 2023-2024.

Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships

Scholarships available to Mathematics students of outstanding ability who have International/EU fee status, for the academic session 2023-2024.

University scholarships and bursaries

Information on further scholarships, bursaries and loans can also be found on the University's Scholarship and Student Funding Services site.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Tuition Fees

Information about student tuition fees is available from the Scholarships and Students Funding Services.

Tuition Fees

2+2 Students

In order to calculuate your tuition fees for the 2+2 programme, please refer to the table on the Full-time Fees for Current Students webpage. Mathematics programmes come under Band 1 (Classroom). The year of entry you should refer to is the your planned year of entry, n, minus 2.  


If you are beginning your 2+2 programme at Edinburgh in 2022, please refer to the Band 1 (Classroom) 2020 Entry tuition fees.

It is important to remember that, compared to other overseas students, you will only have to pay fees for two years rather than for four.

All students who take part in the 2+2 scheme are eligible for a £3,000 scholarship per year.