School of Mathematics

Degree programmes

Our range of programmes includes options which specialise in particular branches of mathematics, as well as joint honours degrees with various subjects.

Degree programmes

2020 Entry

Full details of all our degree programmes are available in the University Degree Finder 2020 Entry.

The School of Mathematics offers the following programmes for entry in 2020:

BSc (Hons) Mathematics * MA (Hons) Mathematics
MMath (Hons) Mathematics * BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Statistics *
BSc (Hons) Applied Mathematics * MMath (Hons) Applied Mathematics  *
BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Biology BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Business
BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Music BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Physics *
*Year 2 Entry is available  

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Management

We are committed to offering a high-quality experience to all our students. We are working to minimise the impact of Covid-19, but we have reluctantly decided that our BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Management programme will be closed from 2020 entry onwards. You may instead be interested in our BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Business programme.

You can also study Mathematics as part of the following joint honours degrees:

BSc (Hons) Computer Science & Mathematics MA (Hons) Philosophy & Mathematics
MA (Hons) Economics & Mathematics MA (Hons) Economics & Statistics

2021 Entry

Full details of our available programmes can be found on the University Degree Finder 2021 Entry.

Please note that our BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Biology programme will no longer accept applications from 2021 onwards. Students already on the programme will not be affected. All other programmes remain available.

Broad programme

All of the above degrees are offered as our standard four-year degree programme, known as a 'broad programme'. The broad programme is our traditional Scottish degree programme and allows time in the first two years for you to study additional subjects alongside your degree subject.

These subjects are known as outside subjects. You can use them to continue studying subjects you enjoyed at school, or to explore new areas for interest or a future career.

Popular choices which fit well with Mathematics (and are required on certain Joint Honours programmes) include Business, Informatics, Economics and Phyics. Languages are also a popular option and can be studied at an introductory level, and occasionally at a higher level. The outside subjects taken in Year 2 do not have to be the same as those taken in Year 1.

By taking outside subjects, this can allow some flexibility within your degree. If you have taken the right outside subjects, it is sometimes possible to transfer to another degree programme. This is most commonly going from a single honours programme to a joint honours programme or vice versa.

Year 2 Entry

For some of our programmes, it is possible to go directly into Year 2 and study an accelerated degree programme. On the accelerated programme, you will be studying mostly mathematics from the start, and will take Year 2 courses alongside dedicated accelerated courses which cover the key ideas from Year 1. As you are studying accelerated versions of the Year 1 material, this does not leave a lot of time for outside subjects. However by doing Year 2 entry this shortens the length of your degree by a year, meaning the BSc degree takes 3 years and the MMath degree takes 4.

The accelerated programme is more demanding than our broad programmes and so has different entry requirements. These entry requirements can be found on the Undergraduate Degree Finder.

How to apply for Year 2 Entry

To apply for Year 2 entry, please ensure you select your 'Point of Entry' as '2' on your UCAS application. If you initially apply for the accelerated programme but do not meet our entrance criteria, you will automatically considered for entry to Year 1.

If you apply for Year 2 entry and are made an offer, but do not meet the conditions of your offer, we will automatically consider you for entry to Year 1.

If you apply for standard Year 1 entry to our broad programme, but decide on arrival in Edinburgh that you would prefer Year 2 entry, it is usually possible to switch provided you have the necessary qualifications and do well in our diagnostic test.