School of Mathematics

Degree options

Our range of programmes includes options which specialise in particular branches of mathematics, as well as Joint Honours options with various subjects.

Full details of all our degree programmes are available in the University Degree Finder.

BSc and MMath

The BSc Mathematics is our standard undergraduate four-year degree - you can see what this involves year-by-year on the “What will I study” page.

As well as the BSc Mathematics degree, we offer BSc Applied Mathematics and BSc Mathematics & Statistics (accredited by the Royal Statistical Society) which would see you specialise in those fields in later years of the programme.

Our MA Mathematics is very similar to the BSc Mathematics degree except that there is an additional requirement: in your first two years you study a coherent programme of courses from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences alongside your mathematics courses. The MA is the historic name for an undergraduate Scottish Arts degree.

The MMath is a challenging programme which extends the BSc with an extra year of masters-level study at the end. You should consider this if you might want to apply advanced mathematics in your career. Switching between BSc and MMath is possible until the fourth year.

Joint Honours Options

Reflecting the breadth of study which is possible at Edinburgh, we offer a range of degrees in mathematics combined with another subject:

Joint options are also available with humanities subjects, but applications for these programmes are made to the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:

Accelerated programmes

For the programmes below, it is possible to go directly into second year if you achieve the grades shown in the prospectus. This would mean that the BSc takes 3 years and the MMath takes 4.

On the accelerated programme, you will be studying mostly mathematics right from the start, with little scope to study outside subjects. You will be studying Year 2 mathematics alongside dedicated catch-up courses which cover the key ideas from Year 1.

  • BSc Applied Mathematics
  • BSc Mathematics
  • MMath
  • BSc Mathematics & Statistics
  • BSc Mathematics with Management
  • BSc Mathematics & Physics

It is usually possible to switch from standard entry to Year 1 ("Broad Programme") to Direct Entry to Year 2 once you arrive in Edinburgh as long as you have the necessary qualifications and do well in our diagnostic test.

If you apply for the accelerated programme but do not meet the terms of your offer we will automatically consider you for first year entry.

Global Select

For international applicants with school leaving qualifications which are are not formally recognised by the University, the Global Select entry route provides the opportunity to study here without without having to gain further pre-university qualifications.

On successful completion of Year 1 of the Global Select programme, you would switch to Year 2 of a BSc in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or Mathematics & Statistics, or to the MMath.