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The programme for EVA 2021, including: Invited sessions, Contributed Sessions, Committees and Guidelines for Presenters.

EVA 2021: 28 June -  2 July  2021


The conference will take place on-line over Zoom. The format is tantamount to traditional EVA face-to-face conferences. Recorded talks will be made available on-line after they take place, thus aiming to involve participants worldwide, from Australasia to the Americas.


There will be two parallel streams for invited and contributed talks, as well as a central session - for posters, keynote lectures and networking.


Much effort has been made to ensure worldwide access to the conference. As such, the live talks will take place in two sessions: Europe—Asia (10.00-13.00 UTC) and Americas—Europe (16.00-19.00 UTC). The central session of each day (13.00-16.00 UTC) is for all regions, including Americas + Europe + Asia.


All timings are in UTC ± 00:00 (Edinburgh, UK)


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Stream A Central Session Stream B
10.00-13.00  Invited Sessions   Contributed Sessions
13.00-16.00    Poster Session and Networking  
16.00-19.00 Invited Sessions   Contributed Sessions
11.30-13.00   Poster Session and Networking  
13.00 - 16.00  

*Plenary Lectures*

16.00-17.30   Poster Session and Networking  
10.00-13.00 Invited Sessions   Contributed Sessions
13.00-16.00   Poster Session and Networking  


Invited Sessions

Information on the EVA 2021 Invited Sessions

Plenary Lectures

Information on the plenary lectures at EVA 2021

Contributed Sessions

Information on the contributed session programme for EVA 2021


Scientific committee and local organizing committee

Guidelines for Presenters

Invited and Contributed Talks, Posters