School of Mathematics

José Figueroa-O'Farrill

The University of Edinburgh The School of Mathematics Room: 6321 James Clerk Maxwell Building, The King's Buildings, Peter Guthrie Tait Road Edinburgh EH9 3FD Scotland
Tel: Work 0131 650 5066


Research Interests

I do research in Mathematical Physics. I apply algebra and geometry to solve problems motivated by String Theory. I am fascinated by supersymmetry and its many mathematical manifestations. In the past I have also worked on conformal field theory, integrable systems and even knot theory. I enjoy applying homological methods whenever possible.

Research Groups

Current and Recent PhD Students

Dr Simon Philip (PhD 2005) Dr Hannu Rajaniemi (PhD 2006) Dr Sunil Gadhia (PhD 2007) Dr George Moutsopoulos (PhD 2008) Dr Elena Méndez-Escobar (PhD 2010) Dr Patricia Ritter (PhD 2011) Dr Paul Reynolds (PhD 2012) Dr Moustafa Gharamti (PhD 2015) Dr Noel Hustler (PhD 2015) Carlos Zapata-Carratalá

Recent Conference and Workshop Involvement

For a reasonably up-to-date list of conferences I've been involved with, please see this area of my website.

Biographical Statement

I was born in Havana six days after JFK was shot, but my mother assures me that this was a coincidence. Five years later we moved to Madrid where I lived through la transición. At 16 I moved to the USA: this means that instead of la movida, I suffered Reaganomics. After a year or so wondering what to do with my life, I went to MIT to study Physics and Mathematics. Three years later I hit the snooze button of the alarm clock of Life and went to Stony Brook where I did a PhD in Theoretical Physics. In 1989 I started the usual series of postdocs (Leuven, Bonn, QMW) and ten years later I moved to sunny Edinburgh as a lecturer, then a reader and finally as a piece of furniture.

Previous Employment

1989-91 KU Leuven 1991-93 RFWU Bonn 1993-99 QMW London


PhD SUNY Stony Brook (1989)

BSc MIT (1984)