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Prof. Colin Aitken

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I am interested in the applications of statistics to forensic science and legal reasoning, with an emphasis on Bayesian approaches. Particular applications include determination of likelihood ratios, estimation of sample sizes, and evidence interpretation. Publications in statistical, legal and forensic scientific journals, and co-author of three books in the area. I have written several witness statements and been an expert witness in a trial related to drugs on banknotes. I have been involved in a project sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation to produce a series of reports for the criminal legal profession on probabilistic and statistical reasoning in criminal proceedings. These are published by the Royal Statistical Society ( I have recently completed a project sponsored by the EPSRC and MSA Ltd. to evaluate evidence in the form of drugs on banknotes.


FFSSoc (2007)

C Stat (1993)

PhD University of Glasgow (1979)

Diploma in Mathematical Statistics University of Cambridge (1975)

BSc University of Edinburgh (1974)