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Prof. José Miguel Figueroa-O'Farrill

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  • Professor

Contact details

Research Interests

I do research in Mathematical Physics. I apply algebra and geometry to solve problems motivated by String Theory. I am fascinated by supersymmetry and its many mathematical manifestations. In the past I have also worked on conformal field theory, integrable systems and even knot theory. I enjoy applying homological methods whenever possible.

Research Groups

Current and Recent PhD Students

  • Dr Simon Philip (PhD 2005)
  • Dr Hannu Rajaniemi (PhD 2006)
  • Dr Sunil Gadhia (PhD 2007)
  • Dr George Moutsopoulos (PhD 2008)
  • Dr Elena Méndez-Escobar (PhD 2010)
  • Dr Patricia Ritter (PhD 2011)
  • Dr Paul Reynolds (PhD 2012)
  • Dr Moustafa Gharamti (PhD 2015)
  • Dr Noel Hustler (PhD 2015)
  • Carlos Zapata-Carratalá (PhD 2019)
  • Ross Grassie
  • Yvonne Calò
  • Andrew Beckett

Recent Conference and Workshop Involvement

For a reasonably up-to-date list of conferences I've been involved with, please see this area of my website.

Biographical Statement

I was born in Havana six days after JFK was shot, but my mother assures me that this was a coincidence. Five years later we moved to Madrid where I lived through la transición. At 16 I moved to the USA: this means that instead of la movida, I suffered Reaganomics. After a year or so wondering what to do with my life, I went to MIT to study Physics and Mathematics. Three years later I hit the snooze button of the alarm clock of Life and went to Stony Brook where I did a PhD in Theoretical Physics. In 1989 I started the usual series of postdocs (Leuven, Bonn, QMW) and ten years later I moved to sunny Edinburgh as a lecturer, then a reader and finally as a piece of furniture.

Previous Employment

  • 1989-91 KU Leuven
  • 1991-93 RFWU Bonn
  • 1993-99 QMW London


PhD SUNY Stony Brook (1989)

BSc MIT (1984)