School of Mathematics


Monday's programme at EVA 2021

All times are BST (UTC +1) 

Monday Parallel Session 1 Parallel Session 2 Parallel Session 3
10.00-11.15 IS Natural hazards and impacts
Organizer/chair: Strokorb, K.
IS Extremes of stochastic processes (ambit, Gaussian)
Organizer: Hashorva, E.
Chair: Dyszewski, P.
CS Applications of extremes (I)
Chair: Bücher, A.
  Ekstrom, M.
Capturing, elements of weather-related risks in a climate change context
Rolski, T.
Multivariate extremes for correlated Brownian motions with drift
Maller, R.
Universally limited lifespans despite individual heterogeneity
  Westra, S.
Implications of bottom-up framing for climate impact assessments
Bisewski, K.
Bounds on the expected supremum of fractional Brownian motion with drift
Yang, S.F.
The PCA-based control charts for monitoring multiple-stream processes
  Fowler. H.
Using spatial extreme statistics to provide climate uplifts for flood risk management
Dębicki, K.
Extremes of vector-valued Gaussian processes
Silva, D.
Modelling the athletics long jump performance – an approach with the largest order statistics
      Smith, R.
Extreme value theory and chess ratings
11.15-11.30 Break
Monday Parallel Session 1 Parallel Session 2 Parallel Session 3
11.30-13.00 IS Spatial extremes
Organizer/chair: Oesting, M.
CS Machine Learning for extremes
Chair: Segers, J.
Best student paper (I)
Chair: Naveau, P.
  Opitz, T.
Stochastic geometry of Gaussian mixture processes and spatial extreme-value analysis
Robert. C.
Hill random forests
Brück, F.
Exchangeable min-id sequences: characterization, exponent measures and non-decreasing id-processes
  de Fondeville, R.
Sub-asymptotic models for functional peaks-over-threshold modelling
Chen, L.
Distributed inference for extreme value index
Neblung, S.
Cluster based estimator for the spectral tail process
  Wadsworth, J.
Extremal dependence properties and representations for spatial extremes
Zhou, C.
Distributed inference for tail empirical and quantile processes
Buriticá, G.
Modelling clusters of extreme events over short periods
    Allouche, M.
On the approximation of extreme quantiles with ReLU neural networks
13.00-16.00 Social and networking
Monday Parallel Session 1 Parallel Session 2 Parallel Session 3
16.00-17.15 IS Climate extremes
Organizer/chair: Zscheischler, J.
CS Inference and robust extremes
Chair: Markovich, N.
CS Multivariate extremes
Chair: Huser, R.
  Brunner, M.
Time scale determines the spatial patterns and extents of compound hot-dry events: an assessment using a multi-site multi-variable weather generator
Goegebeur, Y.
Robust estimation of the conditional stable tail dependence function
Beck, N.
Semi-parametric estimation of multivariate extreme expectiles
  Raymond, C.
Sharpening our view of extreme heat
Oorschot, J.
Extreme U-statistics
Barltrop, C.
Novel diagnostic and uncertainty characterisation tools for multivariate return curves
  Fischer, E.
Increasing probability of record-shattering climate extremes
Ben-Hamou, A.
Non-asymptotic bounds for probability weighted moment estimators
Guerrero, M.
Conex-Connect: learning patterns in extremal brain connectivity from multi-channel
    Jalbert, J.
Extended generalized Pareto for subasymptotic tail analysis with an application to heatwave intensities
17.15-17.30 Break
Monday Parallel Session 1 Parallel Session 2 Parallel Session 3
17.30-18.45 IS Graphical modelling
Organizer/chair: Engelke, S.
CS Climate extremes (I)
Chair: Rootzén, H. Holger
Best student paper (II)
Chair: Meyer, N.
  Tran, N.
Causal inference for extremes on river networks
Koh, J.
Spatiotemporal wildfire modelling through point processes with moderate and extreme marks
Birghila, C.
Distributionally robust tail bounds based on Wasserstein distance and f-divergence
  Deuber. D.
Extremal quantile treatment effects for heavy-tailed distributions
Richards, J.
Modelling the extremes of spatial aggregates of precipitation using conditional methods
Kartsioukas, R.
On the rate of concentration of maxima in
  Ivanovs, J.
Graphical models for infinite measures with applications to extremes and Lévy processes
Ulrich, J.
Modelling seasonal variations of extreme rainfall on different time scales in Germany
Planinić, H.
Palm theory for extremes of stationary regularly varying time series and random fields
    Olafsdottir, H. K.
Frequency increase in extreme rainfall events in the Northeastern USA with stable intensity distribution