8-10 July, 2015: Edinburgh
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Edinburgh is one of Europe's great cities, and the conference will take place within easy walking distance of its Old Town which, with the New Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Although the conference venue is suitably modern, the social events will showcase rooms in buildings of historical importance. The Accommodation offered is also centrally located.

Advice is given below on navigating to the conference venue, travelling from Masson House to the conference venue and things to do in Edinburgh.

The conference will be held at 50 George Square (red pin) on a fine 18th Century square in the heart of the University of Edinburgh. 50 George Square
Fellows Library
The welcome reception will take place in the Fellows Library of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (blue pin) which is also known as "Surgeon's Hall".
Playfair Library Hall
The conference dinner will take place in the Playfair Library Hall (orange pin) in the University of Edinburgh's Old College. This is well signposted once you are in the College quadrangle which can be entered via the main (domed) gateway on South Bridge or, more directly from George Square, by taking the underpass to West College Street.


The organisers have reserved University of Edinburgh accommodation in two locations. Kenneth McKenzie House (green pin) is hotel-like and 5 minutes walk from the conference venue. Masson House is quality guest-house accommodation and is in the area of student residences beside Holyrood Park, a 20-minute walk or short bus ride from the conference venue.


Navigating to the conference venue

If you are travelling by air and don't want to pay for a taxi, take the airport bus (#100) or the tram to Princes Street beside the main (Waverley) railway station. From Waverley Station it is a short walk to the University area. The main route crosses Waverley Station using the "North Bridge" [offering a stunning view of the city centre] and enters the map above from the north along the road that becomes Nicolson Street [having had the name "South Bridge" since leaving "North Bridge"]. If you want to avoid the walk, many buses run along this road: useful ones are #14, #30, #33 and #49.

Travelling from Masson House to the conference venue

Although it is only a 20 minute walk between Masson House (green pin) and the conference venue (red pin), the 2, 14, 30 and 33 buses can also be used (at a price of £1.50 per journey with no change given). Lothian Buses has an excellent free app for navigation (iOS and Android) and virtual tickets (min spend £10, iOS only).

Things to do in Edinburgh

  1. The National Museum of Scotland is on Chambers Street (just north of the University's Old College). Entry is free and, without spending long, you can see plenty of lovely and interesting things, including the wonderful "Lewis chessmen" who are guaranteed to cheer you up!
  2. Few cities in the world have a hill in the middle like "Arthur's Seat" (251m). If you're physically fit and the weather is fine then it doesn't take more than an hour to climb and the view is obviously great!
  3. If you want to go for a run, the road round "Arthur's Seat" (Queen's Drive) is about 5km, fairly quiet but not flat! Alternatively, a circuit of the other big green space("The Meadows") is 2.4km and totally flat!
  4. Just wandering about the city is a pleasure in itself!
  5. There's obviously a lot more to do!