Patrick Kinnear

I am a PhD student working in the Algebra & Number Theory group within the Hodge Institute at the University of Edinburgh, with the support of a Carnegie Scholarship. I am interested in algebraic topology and TFTs. I am currently thinking about invertibility in higher categories, and about skein modules. I am supervised by David Jordan and Pavel Safronov.

I am an organiser of the GEARS seminar.

Address: Room 5210, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD

e-mail: {First Initial} (dot) {Last Name} (at) ed (dot) ac (dot) uk


Skein module dimensions of mapping tori of T^2, In preparation
The wreath product of semiprime skew braces is semiprime, Comm. Algebra, 49.2 (2021): 533-537 (arXiv:1907.11290)


Skein module dimensions of mapping tori of T^2 Hodge Club, Edinburgh November 2022
The framing anomaly of the Reshetikhin-Turaev TQFT and the Crane-Yetter TQFT Non-semisimple TQFTs Seminar, Edinburgh October 2022
Linking numbers from U(1) Chern-Simons theory GRIFT Seminar, Edinburgh October 2022
Invertibility of quantum groups at roots of unity Global Categorical Symmetries, Perimeter June 2022
Internal skein algebras and modules (notes) Matemale 2022, Matemale May 2022
Skein module dimensions of twisted tori (poster talk) Winter Braids XI, Dijon December 2021
Morita categories Categorical Late Lunch, Edinburgh November 2021
An invertible sheaf on the character stack? Hodge Club, Edinburgh October 2021
Vanishing cycles, perverse sheaves on (C, 0) and on Riemann surfaces Perverse Schobers Seminar, Edinburgh October 2021
Invertibile sheaves on character varieties/stacks MIGS Student Conference, Edinburgh September 2021
Invertibility in Morita categories GEARS Seminar, Online August 2021
Three views on 3-manifolds Hodge Club, Edinburgh March 2021
Rational CFTs and modular tensor categories Vertex Operator Algebras Reading Seminar, Edinburgh March 2021
Derived functors GlaMS Examples Seminar, Online January 2021
Quiver varieties Reading Group: Braid Group Actions On Categories, Edinburgh December 2020
Khovanov-Rozansky sl(n) homology Knot Homologies Seminar, Edinburgh October 2020


Learning workshop on BPS states and 3-manifolds Trieste February/March 2022
Geometric representation theory and quantum topology Paris December 2022
ARTIN 60th meting Nottingham August 2022
Global categorical symmetries Perimeter Institute June 2022
School on Witten's finiteness conjecture for skein modules Matemale May 2022
Winterbraids XI Dijon December 2021
GDR Tresses Meeting: Geometric and Quantum Topology Dijon August/September 2021
Masterclass on TFTs and Factorization Homology Copenhagen (Online) August 2021


Lean learning group 22-23 Semester 2
Honours Algebra Skills 22-23 Semester 2
Computing and Numerics 22-23 Semester 2
Combinatorics and Graph Theory 22-23 Semester 1
Python Programming 22-23 Semester 1
Working with data types and structures in Python and R (via the Usher Institute) Summer 2022
Classical & Quantum Integrable Systems (quantum part, via SMSTC) 21-22 Semester 2
Computing and Numerics 21-22 Semester 2
Python Programming 21-22 Semester 1
Honours Analysis Skills 21-22 Semester 1
Fundamentals of Pure Mathematics 20-21 Semester 2