TeX slide presentations


If you want to look at a more complicated example, here is the source of a colloquium for PG students (and the occasional Professor) I gave in 2003. You will not be able to compile it because you will not have all the pictures.

The following links contain more information on the packages we have used.

As mentioned in the introduction, this is but one way of creating slide presentations using TeX. The following links document other ways.

IMHO, the power of LaTeX2e is that it is possible to concentrate on the content without worrying too much about the formatting. Some formatting is unavoidable in slide presentations because, after all, you are coding a presentation, but this ought to be minimised. If you really want a lot of bells and whistles, you might as well use PowerPoint with the TeXpoint add-in, or Keynote if on a Mac.

Finally, try googling for the many online tutorials!

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