TeX slide presentations


This webpage aims to explain briefly the use of TeX to prepare slide presentations.

There are many ways of doing this and I will concentrate on the one I use: pdflatex (using the foils class) and ppower4. This results in a PDF file which can be viewed/projected/displayed using, for example, the Adobe Reader.

This document covers only the most basic functionality of ppower4: for more bells and whistles consult the manual.

The section called Packages describes the minimal set-up required to produce the Example using the compilation instructions in the Compilation section.

My aim with this document has been brevity. There is plenty of further information online: be it other ways to generate slide presentations with TeX and/or more comprehensive examples than the one discussed here. Some of these are mentioned in the Links section.


Last modified: Apr 14 2005 at 15:58 BST