TeX slide presentations


It remains to explain how to compile and generate the presentation. This consists of two steps. First we compile the TeX file, which is called Example.tex, to generate a file Example.pdf:

pdflatex Example

We then process the file Example.pdf with ppower4 (or ppower4p depending on your system) and call the result Example2.pdf:

ppower4 -n Example.pdf Example2.pdf

The -n flag tells the post-processor not to compress the output, which makes for a more agile presentation.

To view the presentation simply use the Adobe Reader. It will start in FullScreen mode and will display from the start of the document until the end of the page or until it it finds a \pause. You may step through the presentation by hitting any number of keys: SPACE, ENTER, LEFT, DOWN,... or you can left-click on the mouse. This is particularly useful with a remote mouse, since you need not speak tethered to the laptop.

Last modified: Dec 5 2004 at 01:26 GMT