School of Mathematics

Recent Publications

Recent publications by members of the statistics group.


  • VIZIONS Consortium, Pig Exposure and Health Outcomes in Hospitalized Infectious Disease Patients in Vietnam, Ecohealth, to appear, 2019 article
  • Muloi, D., Kiiru, J., Ward, M. J., Hassell, J. M., Bettridge, J. M., Robinson, T. P., van Bunnik, B. A. D., Chase-Topping, M., Robertson, G., Pedersen, A. B., Fèvre, E. M., Woolhouse, M. E. J., Kang'ethe, E. K. & Kariuki, S., Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli carriage in sympatric humans and livestock in a rapidly urbanising city, International journal of antimicrobial agents 531-537, to appear, 2019 article
  • Cetinkaya-rundel, M., Danyluk, A., Forbes, J. & Posner, M., Building Bridges for Data Science Education, 1249-1249, to appear, 2019 article
  • Çetinkaya-rundel, M., Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences: Teaching to, and Learning from, the Masses, CHANCE 32(2) 37-42, 2019 article
  • Smout, S. C., King, R. & Pomeroy, P., Environment-sensitive mass changes influence breeding frequency in a capital breeding marine top predator, Journal of Animal Ecology, to appear, 2019
  • Nightingale, G., Illian, J., King, R. & Nightingale, P., Area interaction point processes for bivariate point patterns in a Bayesian context, Journal of Environmental Statistics 9(2), 2019
  • Amoros Salvador, R., King, R., Toyoda, H., Kumada, T., Johnson, P. J. & Bird, T., A continuous-time hidden Markov model for cancer surveillance using serum biomarkers with application to hepatocellular carcinoma, METRON 77(2) 67-86, 2019 article
  • Finke, A., King, R., Beskos, A. & Dellaportas, P., Efficient sequential Monte Carlo algorithms for integrated population models, Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 24(2) 204-224, 2019 article
  • Worthington, H., McCrea, R. S., King, R. & Griffiths, R. A., Estimation of population size when capture probability depends on individual states, Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 24(1) 154-172, 2019 article
  • Worthington, H., McCrea, R. S., King, R. & Griffiths, R., Estimating Abundance from Multiple Sampling Capture-recapture Data via a Multi-state Multi-period Stopover Model, Annals of Applied Statistics, to appear, 2019
  • King, R. & McCrea, R. S., Capture-recapture methods and models: Estimating population size,
  • Sharifi Far, S., Papathomas, M. & King, R., Parameter redundancy and the existence of the maximum likelihood estimates in log-linear models, Statistica Sinica, to appear, 2019
  • Ross, G., Tracking The Evolution of Literary Style Via Dirichlet-Multinomial Change Point Regression, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, to appear, 2019 article
  • Pitkin, J., Ross, G. & Manolopoulou, I., Dirichlet process mixtures of order statistics with applications to retail analytics, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics) 68(1) 3-28, 2019 article
  • Ross, G. & Kolev, A. A., Inference for ETAS Models With Non-Poissonian Mainshock Arrival Times, Statistics and Computing 29(5) 915-931, 2019 article
  • Lee, J. & de Carvalho, M., Technological Improvements or Climate Change? Bayesian Modeling of Time-Varying Conformance to Benford’s Law, PLoS ONE, to appear, 2019 article
  • de Carvalho, M., Barney, B. J. & Page, G. L., Affinity-based measures of biomarker performance evaluation, Statistical Methods in Medical Research, to appear, 2019 article
  • Mhalla, L., de Carvalho, M. & Chavez-Demoulin, V., Regression type models for extremal dependence, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, to appear, 2019
  • Mejia, A. F., Yue, Y. R., Bolin, D., Lindgren, F. & Lindquist, M. A., A Bayesian General Linear Modeling Approach to Cortical Surface fMRI Data Analysis, Journal of the American Statistical Association, to appear, 2019 article
  • Coveney, S., Corrado, C., Roney, C., Wilkinson, R., Oakley, J., Lindgren, F., Williams, S., O'neill, M. D., Niederer, S. & Clayton, R., Probabilistic Interpolation of Uncertain Local Activation Times on Human Atrial Manifolds, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, to appear, 2019 article
  • Bachl, F., Lindgren, F., Borchers, D. L. & Illian, J. B., inlabru: an R package for Bayesian spatial modelling from ecological survey data, Methods in ecology and evolution, to appear, 2019 article
  • Heaton, M. J., Datta, A., Finley, A. O., Furrer, R., Guinness, J., Guhaniyogi, R., Gerber, F., Gramacy, R. B., Hammerling, D., Katzfuss, M., Lindgren, F., Nychka, D. W., Sun, F. & Zammit-Mangion, A., A Case Study Competition among Methods for Analyzing Large Spatial Data, Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 24(3) 398-425, 2019 article
  • Gray, M., Ermgassen, P. Z., Gair, J., Langdon, C., Lemagie, E. & Lerczak, J., Spatially Explicit Estimates of In Situ Filtration by Native Oysters to Augment Ecosystem Services during Restoration, Estuaries and Coasts 42(3), 2019 article
  • Cannings, T., Barrett, T. & Samworth, R. J., Local nearest neighbour classification with applications to semi-supervised learning, Annals of Statistics, to appear, 2019 article
  • Cannings, T., Fan, Y. & Samworth, R. J., Classification with imperfect training labels, Biometrika, to appear, 2019 article
  • Tait, D. & Worton, B., Multiplicative Latent Force Models, article
  • Xu, J., Sun, H. & Dent, C., ADMM-based Distributed OPF Problem Meets Stochastic Communication Delay, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 10(5) 5046-5056, 2019 article
  • Aitken, C., Chang, Y., Buzzini, P., Zadora, G. & Massonnet, G., The evaluation of evidence for microspectrophotometry data using functional data analysis, Forensic Science International, to appear, 2019 article
  • Aitken, C. & Mavridis, D., Reasoning under uncertainty, Evidence-based mental health 22 44-48, 2019 article
  • Paulin, D., Jasra, A. & Thiery, A., Error bounds for sequential Monte Carlo samplers for multimodal distributions, Bernoulli 25(1) 310-340, 2019 article
  • Paulin, D., Jasra, A., Crisan, D. & Beskos, A., Optimization Based Methods for Partially Observed Chaotic Systems, Foundations of Computational Mathematics 19(3) 485–559, 2019 article