School of Mathematics


Members of the Statistics group

The group is at the forefront of the development of modern methodologies of Statistics and Data Science.  Areas of research include astrostatistics, Bayesian inference, computationally intensive techniques, point processes, spatial models, statistics of extremes, high-dimensional statistics, state-space models, wavelets, and nonparametric regression. There is a strong interest in applications with specific areas being ecology, energy, environment, finance, forensics, genomics, and medical statistics. There is a strong link with Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland who have offices adjacent to the School and to the Scottish Financial Risk Academy which has links to the Heriot–Watt University. The group founded and leads the Centre for Statistics, which unites quantitative researchers from across the University and beyond.

Ruth King Profesor, Head of Research Group
Colin Aitken Professor
Chris Dent Professor
Finn Lindgren Professor
Simon Wood Professor
Mike Allerhand Statistical Consultancy Unit
Gail Robertson Statistical Consultancy Unit
Nicole Augustin Reader
Natalia Bochkina Reader
Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel Senior Lecturer
Miguel de Carvalho Reader
Víctor Elvira Reader
Ken Newman Reader
Sotirios Sabanis Reader
Lukasz Szpruch Reader
Timothy Cannings Lecturer
Goncalo dos Reis Lecturer
Vanda Inacio De Carvalho Lecturer
Aleksandar Kolev University Teacher
Ioannis Papastathopoulos Chancellor's Fellow
Daniel Paulin Lecturer
Gordon Ross Lecturer
Colin Rundel Lecturer
Serveh Sharifi Far University Teacher
Simon Taylor University Teacher
Sara Wade Lecturer
Amy Wilson Research Assistant
Bruce J Worton Lecturer
Ruben Amoros Salvador Research Associate
Matt Edwards Research Associate
Karla Monterrubio Gomez Research Associate
Warren Volk-Makarewicz Postgraduate Student
Anwar Alabdulathem Postgraduate student
Graeme Auld Postgraduate Student
Ollie Burke Postgraduate Student
Adrian Casey Postgraduate Student
Sabrina Chang Postgraduate Student
Andrew Ferguson Postgraduate Student
Alina Kumukova Postgraduate Student
Junho Lee Postgraduate Student
Nicolo Margaritella Postgraduate Student
Karla Vianey Palacios Ramírez Postgraduate Student
Luisa Parkinson Postgraduate Student
Jenovah Rodrigues Postgraduate Student
Steven Soutar Postgraduate Student
Daniel Tait Postgraduate Student
Johan Van Der Molen Moris Postgraduate Student