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The School of Mathematics is committed not only to doing great new research, but also to telling people about it.

photograph from science festival

We have a talented team of staff and students who work hard to communicate their love of mathematics to the wider community.  Sometimes this is through talks or school masterclasses; sometimes it involves doing exhibitions at science festivals or visiting local schools.  Whatever the medium, our goal is to change the public perception of mathematics as being dull, boring and useless and to show people that maths is actually a beautiful, elegant and creative subject that underpins much of modern society.


On this website you can find out more about the events that we organise for the public and for schools, as well as some digital resources we have produced for schools and individuals. You can also read about our dedicated Mathematics Outreach Team. Visit out Explore Further page to find out about the cutting-edge research being done here at the School of Mathematics, read our magazine, or start planning your mathematical walking tour of Edinburgh...


Upcoming Events


Online mudule: Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data

The sixth edition of our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Statistics will go live on the 12th January 2022.

The coarse introduces some of the key concepts of Statistics, and explores the ideas and methodes behind the Stats we encounter in everyday life. No previous knowledge is required.

For further information and to enrol, please visit the MOOC landing page.


Ongoing: Discover Edinburgh's Mathematical History- a self-paced walking tour

From Thomas Bayes through James Clerk Maxwell to Mary Somerville, explore the mathematical delights hidden in Edinburgh's city centre. Along the way, uncover some of the secret history of Edinburgh, discover some highlights of mathematics developed over the past two thousand years, and try your hand at some intriguing puzzles and games.  Visit the tour's webpage to start exploring.


Ongoing: Maths in the Kitchen- Dundee Science Centre Home Learning program

We have contributed to the Dundee Science Centre  Home Learning program, with some activities focused on "Maths in the Kitchen". Click here to  take a journey into the world of shapes and symmetries, and explore why our pies and pizzas are round.


Ongoing: Edinburgh Science Festival (Online program)

Even this year we join other scientists from the University to show off what it is that makes our subject great, by contributing to the Edinburgh Science Festival online program. 

Explore our activities and resources, and find out how Maths underpins many aspects of our lives, and how we use it in many contexts, much more often than we think. 


Online resources for schools and individuals


Have Fun with Maths

A collection kit of resources for P5-S3 students, aimed at developing problem solving. The resources focus on strategy games and some applications of Maths to transport networks. They include some videos, a range of puzzles, and a document with tips and advice for teachers/educators.  The resources are available here.


Maths Week at Work- Careers in Maths

A series of videos where five Maths graduates working in different sectors explain how they use maths in their jobs, and present puzzles  related to their job. Check this page for further details, and to watch the videos.


Climate Change and Mathematics

Climate Change is one of the biggest issues that we are currently facing, but did you know that there is actually a lot of maths behind it?  Check out our resources to see some of the number crunching that Climate Scientists do in their fight to save our planet!

The resources include a Powerpoint presentation, together with some notes for teachers and a lesson plan. They can be found here.



Recent Events


Help your Students to Love Maths- panel session- development workshop for teachers: Wednesday 29th September 6:10pm-7:00pm

The panel included experienced teachers as well as members of Education Scotland and Scotdec. Participants  received prerecorded material where the panellists shared their experience, and provided tips on how to use Maths while teaching other areas of the Curriculum, or while discussing most relevant issues. During the live session participants were able to ask any questions they may have. 


Mind Games: Cracking Code in Maths and Languages- development workshop for teachers: Wednesday 29th September 5:00pm-6:00pm

Join Mathematicians and Linguists from the University of Edinburgh and explore what Maths and Languages have in common. During this workshop you will have a go at some of our activities and thus explore the underlying structure or numerical systems of some of the world’s languages. You will have fun constructing short sentences or deciphering inscriptions in unfamiliar languages, based on small hints. We will then explore together how language works... and where maths comes into play. You will hopefully get ideas to take to your classroom and show your students how Maths is everywhere. 


Once a month, since December 2020: Virtual Maths Circles and Open Ended Problems- workshop for teachers

During this online workshop for teachers, we gave a brief introduction to our (now virtual) Maths Circles, and then we explored some of the resources we use. We also discussed how such resources can be used in the classroom and can spark curiosity and help children develop their mathematical thinking. For further information please visit this page.


Once a month, since August 2020: Virtual Maths Circle 

This is a workshop for children aged 7-14 and their families. Participants receive a selection of our fantastic maths problems to try in advance. During the live online event they are able to listen to our students and staff members discussing the problems, and to ask questions. For further information about our Maths Circles please visit this page.

13th February-20th March: Scottish Mathematics Masterclasses

In collaboration with other Scottish Universities, we ran a series of masterclasses for S2 pupils. These super-curricular masterclasses would take place on Saturday mornings, over the course of 5 weeks, cover a wide range of fun, interesting and challenging mathematics topics. Further information can be found on this page.