The Mathematics of Biodiversity


This page is principally for participants of the research programme, at least for now. It is a record of past activities and a plan of future ones. Please mail me if you want me to add content (e.g. links or further activities).

Afternoon sessions are at 14:30 in the small lecture room (C1/028) or in the meeting room just opposite. The schedule for where we are on which days is currently unclear.

Here is our Mendeley group. Here is the official weekly seminar page, here is the official page for our research programme, and here is the list of visitors to the CRM.

Week of 18–22 June  

  • Tuesday afternoon session: Richard Reeve, Diversity-related problems
  • Wednesday:
    • weekly seminar: Bill Sherwin, From landscapes to DNA sequences — unifying biological information
    • afternoon session: Tom Leinster, Two and a half heresies
  • Thursday afternoon session: Simon Willerton, Some questions coming from the Irish sea biomôr survey
  • Friday afternoon session: John Baez

Week of 25–29 June

  • Monday afternoon session: Sandrine Pavoine, Tests for phylogenetic signal
  • Tuesday:
    • morning (12.00): Lou Jost, Biodiversity of the Eastern Andes of Ecuador (room A2)
    • afternoon session: Andrei Korobeinikov, Viral evolution within a host
  • Wednesday:
    • weekly seminar: Louise Matthews, Maintaining host genetic diversity and herd resistance to disease
    • lunchtime: Ben Allen and Anne Chao arrive
    • afternoon session: John Baez (continuing from last time)
  • Thursday afternoon session: Lou Jost
  • Friday:
    • morning (11.00–13.00): Anne Chao and Ben Allen
    • afternoon: informal discussion of what we've done so far

Week of 2–6 July   The conference.

Beginning of conference: Christina Cobbold arrives. Middle of conference: Anne Chao leaves. End of conference: John Baez and Ben Allen leave.

Week of 9–13 July

  • Monday: no formal activities.
  • Tuesday afternoon: Richard Reeve and Louise Matthews, Partitioning with similarity
  • Wednesday:
    • weekly seminar (11.00): Tom Leinster, Value systems
    • afternoon: Bill Sherwin, Apparent linkage disequilibrium in natural populations: comparing new information statistics with other measures
    • Terence Chan arrives
  • Thursday:
    • Christina's birthday
    • afternoon: Lou Jost, Coverage-based rarefaction and extrapolation
  • Friday:
    • Bill leaves
    • afternoon: Sandrine Pavoine, Acoustic diversity

Week of 16–20 July

  • Monday: Simon Willerton
  • Tuesday: Louise Matthews
  • Wednesday:
    • 10:30: coffee in CRM
    • weekly seminar (11:00): Lou Jost, Prediction of ecological or genetic diversity from first principles
    • afternoon: Christina Cobbold: Beta-diversity less than 1?
  • Thursday:
    • morning: Terence leaves
    • afternoon: Christina leaves
  • Friday:
    • morning: Simon leaves
    • sometime: Richard and Louise leave

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