Monday 25 June 2018   Edinburgh
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About the workshop

Optimization of truss structures has many practical applications, for example, in the design of bridges, exoskeleton of tall buildings, and large span roof structures. The problem formulations lead to many classes of optimization problems, from continuous to discrete, linear programming to nonlinear/semidefinite programming, and are commonly known to be large-scale problems. Hence, the models and the associated solution techniques usually need clever solution techniques. This workshop will consist of several presentations by leading researchers, with the aim of promoting an exchange of ideas to advance the state of the art in this area.


Monday 25 June, 2018.

Invited speakers

Prof Mathias Stolpe  (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark).
Prof Matthew Gilbert  (University of Sheffield, UK).
Dr Paul Shepherd  (University of Bath, UK).
Dr Tomasz Sokol  (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland).
Helen Fairclough  (University of Sheffield, UK).
Dr Alemseged Weldeyesus  (University of Edinburgh, UK).


The workshop will be held in Room 6206 at the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB) in the School of Mathematics, King's Buildings, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD, Scotland.
Map of King's Buildings Campus.


Dr Alemseged Weldeyesus,   Email:
Prof Jacek Gondzio,   Email:

Direct enquires

Dr Alemseged Weldeyesus,   Email:


Participation is free of charge, but you are required to register for catering and organizational purposes. The deadline for registration is 2pm on Friday 8th June 2018.
To register, send an email to with your title, full name, institution and email address.