School of Mathematics

Learn how to run a Maths Circle: teacher development workshop

On Saturday 29th February the Mathematics Outreach team ran another development workshop for school teachers.

45 teachers/educators from around Scotland attended. They had a chance to look and try some of our most successful activities and puzzles, experience how a mathematician would approach them, and get advice on how to run a Maths Circle in a classroom or community centres.

The feedback was extremely positive. Below are some selected quotes from attendees:

The staff were extremely helpful. 

Practical examples and great guidance

Loved doing the problems and having lots of help to see how to extend the problems etc. 

All participants now have the chance to borrow a box of resource from us and use it in their classroom/ community centre. More than fifteen schools and a library have borrowed our resources so far. This service has now stopped due to the outbreak of Covid 19, but will resume as soon as possible.