School of Mathematics

Jonathan Hickman at the Séminaire Nicolas

Jonathan Hickman presented at the prestigious Séminaire Nicolas Bourbaki on 01 April, 2023, at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris. This seminar dates back to the 1940s and the original Bourbaki group; speakers are asked to present and explain ground-breaking work in their field by other mathematicians. It is regarded as a major institution in pure mathematics.

The title of Jonathan's talk was: Pointwise convergence for the Schrödinger equation, after Xiumin Du and Ruixiang Zhang.

It described Du—Zhang's resolution of the Carleson problem concerning pointwise convergence for the Schrödinger equation, published in the Annals of Mathematics:

Accompanying the lecture, Jonathan wrote a 70 page expository article explaining the methods, which is due to be published in the seminar proceedings.