School of Mathematics

School welcomes Ruth King, the new Thomas Bayes Professor of Statistics

Dr. Ruth King will be moving from St. Andrews to Edinburgh in September 2015 as our new Thomas Bayes Chair of Statistics. She writes "I am very much looking forward to taking up this new position at the University of Edinburgh. I am particularly excited about the new challenges that this brings, including strengthening collaborations across the University, Maxwell Institute and new Alan Turing Institute." She will surely fulfil her job specifications: "The successful candidate will demonstrate, or show potential for, outstanding achievement in any area of Statistics, including mathematical, methodological and applied statistics. The holder of this professorship will be expected to lead research of the highest standard, to contribute to the continuing development and expansion of the University of Edinburgh into an international centre of excellence in statistics, and to promote an extensive programme of statistical education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, including through eLearning and on-line teaching initiatives. Furthermore, the holder will be expected and encouraged to interact with existing statistical activities within the University of Edinburgh and with the mathematical sciences as represented in the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University through the Maxwell Institute."