School of Mathematics

EU Referendum Outcome

On 23 June 2016 the UK electorate voted in a national referendum to leave the European Union. There is much uncertainty about what exactly this will mean in the future for the UK and for the EU, and also for Science in the UK. However, I would like to stress very much two fundamental principles that guide everything we do in the School of Mathematics. 

Mathematics has no boundaries. Mathematics is a universal (!) language. It is truly remarkable that it both describes the natural world and progresses by its own internal logic and beauty. It has been at the heart of human culture for several thousand years, and its history has highlights from the world. Our School helps to carry this torch! We have broad interests and a diverse international faculty coming from all over the globe. Even in the last year, we have appointed new staff from North America, South America, mainland Europe, and the UK; with interests spannig pure and applied mathematics, statistics and operational research. We are united by our love of Mathematics and the global community this brings.

It is our privilege to teach hugely-talented budding mathematicians. A central part of the School of Mathematics' vision is to foster a world-leading educational environment for all of our students. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with our students, to get to know them, and to help them to flourish and to realise their ambitions. Our students come from across the world, and from day one they are united by a common language, the language of mathematics. 

Whatever the future holds, the School will always be international and outward-looking, and will always be studying, discovering and applying a discipline that transcends boundaries.

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Professor Iain Gordon, Head of the School