School of Mathematics

Jakub Konečný: 2014 Google Europe Doctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to Jakub KoneÄný, a 1st year PhD student in the School of Mathematics, for being awarded the 2014 Google Europe Doctoral Fellowship in Optimization Algorithms as announced yesterday in the Google Research Blog.

"Nurturing and maintaining strong relations with the academic community is a top priority at Google. Today, we're announcing the 2014 Google PhD Fellowship recipients. These students, recognized for their incredible creativity, knowledge and skills, represent some of the most outstanding graduate researchers in computer science across the globe. We're excited to support them, and we extend our warmest congratulations."

This year, Google has announced 38 Fellowships to PhD students across the globe: 15 in Europe, 14 in North America, 4 in China, 3 in India and 2 in Australia. These fellowships provide generous funding for the students for up to three years to help them better achieve their research objectives, and open the doors to a closer collaboration with Google through the establishment of Google mentors and other activities. Of 15 Europe Fellowships, 4 were awarded to universities in the UK: 2 in Cambridge and 2 in Edinburgh.