School of Mathematics

Whittaker Colloquium 2012

The Whittaker Colloquium 2012 will take place on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd May. The Colloquium will consist of two lectures by Professor John Stillwell (Monash and San Francisco).

The first lecture "From Poincaré to Whittaker to Ford" will be followed by a reception. The second lecture "Poincaré and the early history of 3-manifolds" will be a repeat of the LMS Poincaré Anniversary lecture given by Prof. Stillwell in London on 19th May. Both the Whittaker Colloquium lectures will be at 4PM in Lecture Room A, James Clerk Maxwell Building.

The poster incorporates diagrams drawn by Poincaré, Whittaker and Ford.

Previous speakers in the Whittaker Colloquium have included Gunnar Carlsson, Robbert Dijkgraaf, Peter Kronheimer, Philip Maini, Richard Melrose, Terence Tao and Sir Christopher Zeeman.