School of Mathematics

Edinburgh Maths/Art exhibition goes live

Mathematician Julia Collins and artist Madeleine Shepherd have created a maths/art exhibition called The Mathematician's Shirts in which formal shirts have been transformed into sculptures embodying mathematical principles. The project was funded by ASCUS, the Art Science Collaborative, and is part of a wider exhibition in which 4 teams of artists and scientists worked together to create artwork with a scientific message. The exhibition is in the St James Shopping Centre (at the east end of Princes Street), in Suites 34/35 from 10am-6pm every day except Tuesdays, and until 8pm on Thursdays, until 26th February 2012.

Throughout the exhibition, the artists and scientists will be offering talks and workshops to engage the public about their work. Julia and Madeleine will be giving an interactive workshop on Thursday 2nd February, 6 - 7:30pm, where they will talk about the mathematics and inspiration behind the project before giving participants a chance to try their hand at some of the techniques used. No booking necessary!

Read more about the project on the blog: