School of Mathematics

Our online module: "Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data" will go live soon

We are pleased to announce that (the second edition of) our online module: "Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data", will go live on the 10th January 2018.

At a time where understanding data is becoming more and more important, this course will introduce learners to the fundamentals of statistics, and provide them with a toolkit to better understand all the data and Stats we encounter in our everyday life.

We will be looking at what data is, how we present it, and how statistics is used to investigate many challenging issues and scientific advances, from global warming to modern-day slavery, from the decline of biodiversity to advances in pharmaceutical research. Through a combination of videos, examples, interactive apps, discussions and quizzes, you will be taken on a journey into the heart of statistics.

The course is ideal for anyone who would like to improve their knowledge of Statistics. There are no prerequisites, even though an understanding of secondary school Mathematics would be very helpful.

To find out more and to sign up, visit: