ASYNPLEX, an asynchronous parallel revised simplex algorithm

Technical Report MS 95-050b

Annals of Operations Research 81, 27-49, 1998.

J.A.J. Hall and K.I.M. McKinnon

This paper describes ASYNPLEX, an asynchronous variant of the revised simplex method which is suitable for parallel implementation on a shared memory multiprocessor or MIMD computer with fast inter-processor communication. The method overlaps simplex iterations on different processors. Candidates to enter the basis are tentatively selected using reduced costs which may be out of date. Later the up-to-date reduced costs of the tentative candidates are calculated and candidates are either discarded or accepted to enter the basis. The implementation of this algorithm on a Cray T3D is described and results demonstrating significant speed-up are presented.

Key words: Linear programming, revised simplex method, parallelism, Cray T3D.

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This is a revised version of MS 95-050a

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