Zheng QU


I am now an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong.
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  • Research interests:

    My current research interests include:
  • Big data optimization: randomized coordinate descent (serial, parallel, distributed, accelerated and primal-dual variants), semi-stochastic gradient descent, complexity analysis, Fenchel duality, convex analysis, algorithm design, high performance computing, random set theory, applications in machine learning.
  • I am also interested in:
  • Optimization, operations research and optimal control: approximate dynamic programming, facility location, semidefinite programming, Hamilton-Jacobi equations, numerical methods, attenuation of the curse of dimensionality.
  • Nonlinear analysis: ergodicity coefficients, characterization of contraction rates, non-commutative consensus, monotone or non-expansive operators, nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory, variational analysis, Finsler metric.

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    School of Mathematics,
    University of Edinburgh
    EH9 3FD Edinburgh, UK
    Phone: +44 131 650 5074
    Email: zheng.qu at ed.ac.uk


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