Surgery Theory Past, Present and Future

A celebration of the 70th birthday of C.T.C. Wall

ICMS, Edinburgh, 3-5 July, 2006

Speakers: S.Cappell (NYU), D.Crowley (Heidelberg), T.Farrell (Binghamton), I.Hambleton (McMaster),
M. Kreck (Heidelberg), W.Lück (Münster), E.Pedersen (Binghamton), F.Quinn (Virginia Tech),
A.Ranicki (Edinburgh), G.Segal (Oxford), S.Weinberger (Chicago and Jerusalem), M.Weiss (Aberdeen)

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Organizer: A.Ranicki email

The meeting was held at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh, the birthplace of James Clerk Maxwell.

The conference was supported by
the European Community RTN network
Algebraic K-theory, Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures,
Edinburgh Mathematical Society, the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust Fund, and the London Mathematical Society.

Conference Photos

Terry Wall -- the applied mathematician. Lucy Wall's talk at the conference dinner.