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Scottish Topology Seminars

Summer 2000

Tuesday, 11th July, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
W. Browder (Princeton)
Constructing group actions

Tuesday, 4th July, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
B. Hughes (Vanderbilt)
The approximate tubular neighbourhood theorem

Thursday, 25th May, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
F. Quinn (Blacksburg)
Subexponential groups in 4-manifold topology

Tuesday, 25th May, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
I. Grojnowski (Cambridge)
Rigid structures on the symmetric group
(Joint Geometry/Topology seminar)

Tuesday, 16th May, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Shicheng Wang (University of Peking and Max Planck Bonn)
Maps of non-zero degree between manifolds
(Joint Geometry/Topology seminar)

Friday, 12th May, 2.30PM, Room 5215, JCMB
J. Roberts (Edinburgh)
Is knot theory really K-theory?

Friday, 12th May, 4.15PM, Room 5215, JCMB
D. Sheiham (Edinburgh)
Noncommutative characteristic polynomials

Spring 2000

Friday, 28th January, 2.30PM, Room 6, Appleton Tower

Friday, 4th February, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
S. Willerton (Strasbourg)
On Rozansky-Witten weight systems

Friday, 11th February, 2.30PM, Room 6, Appleton Tower
T. Nye (Edinburgh)
The topology of periodic instantons

Wednesday, 15th March, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
P. Eccles (Manchester)
Double point surfaces of immersions

Autumn 1999

Thursday, 14th October, 4.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
V. Buchstaber (Moscow)
Groups of polynomial transformations, non-formal symplectic manifolds and Massey products
(Joint with Geometry Seminar)

Friday, 22nd October, 2.30PM, Room 2D, Appleton Tower
G. Arone (Aberdeen)
Calculus of functors: From homotopy groups of spheres to spaces of embeddings

Friday, 12th November, 4PM, Room 5215, JCMB
M. Gross (Warwick)
Topological mirror symmetry
(Joint with Geometry Seminar)

Wednesday, 17th November, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
O. Cornea (Lille)
Rigidity of the Morse complex, and non-smoothable Poincare complexes
(Visit supported by LMS)

Friday, 26 November, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
A. Pazhitnov (Nantes)
Nonabelian Lefschetz zeta functions for dynamical systems

Friday, 3rd December, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
J. Przytycki (Washington)
Algebra situs: an example from knot theory

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