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Scottish Topology Seminars

Summer 1998

Friday, 18th September, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
P. Akhmetev (Moscow)
On the Kervaire invariant one problem

Tuesday, 4th August, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Y. Eliashberg (Stanford)
Invariants of contact manifolds and Legendrian knots

Thursday, 11th June, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
E. Pedersen (Binghamton & Odense)
The assembly map in surgery and analysis

Tuesday, 26th May, 2.00PM, Room B, David Hume Tower
N. Higson (Penn State)
Bott periodicity for infinite dimensional Euclidean spaces
(Visit supported by LMS)

Tuesday, 26th May, 3.30PM, Room B, David Hume Tower
J. Roe (Oxford & Penn State)
Analytic surgery

Wednesday, 13th May, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
F.Clarke (Swansea)
Hattori-Stong theorems for Landweber exact functors

Wednesday, 6th May, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
A. Adem (Wisconsin and Bonn)
Topological models for the cohomology of Galois groups

Friday, 1st May, 2.30PM, Room 2G, Appleton Tower
C. Kearton (Durham)
Alexander ideals of classical knots

Spring 1998

Thursday, 15th January, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
J. Rosenberg (Maryland)
Algebraic vs. topological K-theory
(Visit supported by LMS)

Friday, 20th February, 2.30PM, Room 2G, Appleton Tower
D. Salamon (Warwick)
Stable maps and the Arnold conjecture

Friday, 20th February, 4.30PM, Room 2G, Appleton Tower
M. Farber (Tel Aviv)
Poincare-Reidemeister metric, Euler structures, and torsion

Prof. Salamon will also be talking in the Geometry Seminar
Thursday, 19th February, 4PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Seiberg-Witten equations, symplectic fixed points and zeta functions.

Tuesday, 3rd March, 4PM, Room 5325, JCMB
I. Hambleton (McMaster)
Bounded topology and applications to group actions on spheres
Joint with Geometry Seminar

Wednesday, 4th March, 4PM, Room 4310, JCMB
S. Willerton (Melbourne)
Cabling and the Kontsevich integral

Thursday, 19th March, 2.30PM, Room 4311, JCMB
J. Paterson (Cambridge)
Immersed incompressible surfaces, football regions and the classification of 3-manifolds

Autumn 1997

Friday, 17th October, 2.30PM, Room 2G, Appleton Tower
N.Iwase (Kyushu and Aberdeen)
Ganea's conjecture on LS category

Friday, 24th October, 2.30PM, Room 2G, Appleton Tower
V.Goryunov (Liverpool)
Meromorphic functions on the line

Tuesday, 25th November, 4PM, Room 5325, JCMB
V.Buchstaber (Moscow)
Toric manifolds and complex cobordism

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