University of Edinburgh
School of Mathematics

Scottish Topology Seminars

Spring 2010

Monday, 8th February, 4-5PM, JCMB 4312
Iain Aitchison (Melbourne)
Explicit moduli for closed genus 2 surfaces

Friday, 19th February, 3-4PM, David Hume Tower 7.01
Jarek Kedra (Aberdeen)
Characteristic classes in symplectic topology
(EMS: 4.30-5.30PM, Appleton Tower, Burt Totaro)

Friday, 26 February, 4-5PM, JCMB 4312
Alessandro Valentino (Goettingen)
T-duality and differential K-theory

Friday, 12th March, 5-6PM, JCMB 5326
David Mond (Warwick)
Linear free divisors and Frobenius structures

Thursday, 25th March, 4.10-5.10PM, JCMB 4312
Jean-Paul Brasselet (Marseilles)
Perverse sheaves and toric varieties
(with Geometry Seminar)

Friday, 26th March, 2.30-3.30PM, JCMB 4312
Laurent Bartholdi (Göttingen)
Self-similarity for Lie algebras

Friday, 7th May, 4.30-5.30PM, JCMB 4312
Tony Carbery (Edinburgh)
The Borsuk-Ulam theorem: a simple proof

Friday, 14th May, 3--4.30PM, Lecture Room C, JCMB
Astronomy, Statistics and Geometry
(organized with the Institute for Astronomy, ROE)
3PM Duncan Forgan (IfA, ROE, Edinburgh)
Using Monte Carlo Realization Techniques to model SETI
3.30PM Alan Heavens (IfA, ROE, Edinburgh)
Hunting for inflation
4PM Tom Kitching (IfA, ROE, Edinburgh)
The transformation of gravitational lensing: illuminating dark matter and dark energy
Abstracts Poster

Thursday, 20th May, 4.10-5.10PM, JCMB 6311
Jim Davis (Bloomington and Bonn)
Are almost flat manifolds boundaries?

Friday, 28th May
3.10-4.10PM, JCMB 6311
Richard Hepworth (Copenhagen)
Groups, discs and cacti
Abstract A disc of a group singing about a cactus.
4.30-5.30PM, JCMB 6311
Maciej Borodzik (Warsaw)
The abelian ρ-invariant of iterated torus knots
and its applications to deformations of complex plane curves

(Borodzik visit supported by LMS)

Thursday, 1st July
2.00-3.00PM, JCMB 5327
Taehee Kim (Konkuk)
The cobordism group of homology cylinders and torsions
3.15-3.45PM, JCMB 5327
Julia Collins (Edinburgh)
Concordance orders of knots
3.45-4.15PM Tea in the Common Room
4.15-5.15PM, JCMB 5327
Brendan Owens (Glasgow)
Is this anything?
Abstract It is not a pipe
5.30-6.00PM, JCMB 5327
Mark Powell (Edinburgh)
The second order algebraic knot concordance group

Autumn 2009

Friday, 11th December, 2.00PM, JCMB 6206
Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh)
The multisignature, the Maslov index and the L^2-signature

Thursday, 19th November, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Wendy Lowen (Antwerp)
A Hochschild cohomology comparison theorem
(Joint with Geometry seminar)

Friday, 6th November, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Kevin Lin (Berkeley and MPIM Bonn)
Gromov-Witten theory, singularity theory and mirror symmetry

Friday, 30th October, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Diarmuid Crowley (Hausdorff Institute, Bonn)
On the mapping class groups of simply-connected 5-manifolds

Friday, 23rd October, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Carl McTague (Cambridge)
The Cayley plane and the Witten genus

Tuesday, 6th October, ICMS, 14 India Street
3.00PM Brendan Owens (Glasgow)
Alternating links and rational balls
4.30PM Tara Brendle (Glasgow)
The symmetric Torelli group
(Joint venture with the MAXIMALS algebra seminar)

Thursday, 24th September, Lecture Theatre, Royal Observatory Edinburgh
3.00-3.15PM Julia Collins (Edinburgh) Introduction to knots and braids
3.15-3.30PM Daniele Sepe (Edinburgh) A geometric way of measuring how chaos arises from perturbing a dynamical system
3.30-4.30PM Sir Michael Atiyah (Edinburgh) The mysteries of 4 dimensions Abstract
(Lectures organized with the Institute for Astronomy)

Friday, 4th September 2009, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Frank Quinn (Virginia Tech)
Cell-like maps and approximate fibrations

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