University of Edinburgh
School of Mathematics

Scottish Topology Seminars

Spring 2009

Friday, 4th September, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Frank Quinn (Virginia Tech)
Cell-like maps and approximate fibrations

Friday, 7th August, 4.10PM, JCMB 5215
Berian James (ROE, Edinburgh)
Topology and the Universe

Wednesday, 15th July, 4.10PM, JCMB 5215
Constantin Teleman (Berkeley)
An approach to gauged Gromov-Witten theory

Thursday, 2nd July, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Sasha Dranishnikov (U. Florida, Gainesville)
Scalar curvature and macroscopic dimension
(Visited supported by LMS)

Thursday, 25th June, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Alexandre Martin (Paris and Edinburgh)
The topological rigidity of the torus.
Slides Thesis

Thursday, 18th June, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Bob Oliver (Paris)
Algebraic and geometric equivalences between finite Lie groups.

20 - 22 April, Informatics Forum and the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Friday, 27th February, 4.10PM, JCMB 4312
Stefan Friedl (Warwick)
Slice knots and the Alexander polynomial

Friday, 20th February, 3PM, Room 2.14, Appleton Tower
Andrew Baker (Glasgow)
Galois extensions of the K(n)-local sphere

Friday, 6th February, 4.10PM, ICMS (14 India Street)
Christophe Eyral (Aarhus)
Vanishing cycles, monodromy and variation

Thursday, 5th February, 4.10PM, Room 5215, JCMB
Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh)
On Michel Kervaire's work in surgery and knot theory
(Geometry seminar)

Friday, 16th January, 4.10PM, Room 5215, JCMB
Katrin Wendland (Augsburg)
From dualities to intersection theory
(School Colloquium)

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