University of Edinburgh
School of Mathematics

Scottish Topology Seminars

Spring 2008

Friday, 29th August, 4.15PM, Room 4312, JCMB
John Klein (Wayne State)
Bundle structures and algebraic K-theory

Monday, 23rd June, 3.00PM, Lecture Theatre A, JCMB
Frank Quinn (Virginia Tech)
Pursuing the Farrell-Jones conjecture
(School of Mathematics Colloquium)

Monday, 23rd June, 4.30PM, Lecture Theatre A, JCMB
Shmuel Weinberger (Chicago and Jerusalem)
Playing the Novikov game
(LMS Hardy Lecture)

Friday, 16th May, 3.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Michael Crabb (Aberdeen and Newquay)
The homotopy coincidence index

Friday, 16th May, 4.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Ulrich Koschorke (Siegen)
Fixed Points, Coincidences and Kervaire Invariants

Thursday, 24th April, 11.00AM-6.00PM, Lecture Theatre C, JCMB
Maxwell Institute Colloquium on Geometry, Topology and Number Theory
11.00-12.00 J.Kedra (Aberdeen) Symplectic group theory
14.00-15.00 B.Szendroi (Oxford) Enumerative geometry, algebraic combinatorics and dimer models
15.45-16.45 M.Dodson (York) (School Colloquium) Good and bad vibes
17.00-18.00 D.McDuff (Stony Brook and Barnard) Embedding symplectic ellipsoids and Farey numbers
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Friday, 7th March, 1.30PM, Room 4310, JCMB (Note change of time and place)
Bjoern Jahren (Oslo)
Topological classification of free involutions on S1xSn

Friday, 22nd February, 4.00PM, Room 5327, JCMB
Tadashi Tokieda (Cambridge)
Geometry and mechanics in dimension 2.5

Friday, 18th January, 2.30PM, Room 813, David Hume Tower
Tony Bahri (Rider)
Polyhedral product functors, generalized moment angle complexes and related spaces
(EMS talk by Frances Kirwan (Oxford): 4.30PM, Appleton Tower)

Autumn 2007

Friday, 23rd November, 4.10-5.10PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Mark Grant (Durham)
Self-intersections of immersions and Steenrod operations

Friday, 16th November, 1.30PM-5.30PM and Saturday, 17th November, 9.30AM-1.00PM, ICMS, 14 India Street
Maxwell Institute Colloquium on Khovanov Homology

Friday, 9th November, 4.00-5.00PM, Lecture Theatre C, JCMB
P. Kronheimer (Harvard)
Knot groups and Lie groups
Whittaker Lecture

Friday, 26th October, 4.10-5.10PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Chris Woodward (Rutgers)
Symplectic instanton homology and Floer theory for correspondences

Tuesday, 23rd October, 3.00-4.00PM, ICMS, 14 India Street
Larry Smith (Goettingen and Sheffield)
On a Generalization of a Theorem of Chevalley on Algebras of Coinvariants
(Joint with MAXIMALS algebra seminar) Abstract

Thursday, 4th October, 3.00-4.00PM, Room 5327, JCMB
Ralph Cohen (Stanfo