University of Edinburgh
School of Mathematics

Scottish Topology Seminars

Spring 2005

Friday, 18th February, 2.30PM, Conference Room G.04, David Hume Tower
Roger Fenn (Sussex)
Pauli matrices, Quaternions and Knot invariants

Tuesday, 19th April, 4.10PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Rick Jardine (London, Ontario)
Diagrams and torsors

Tuesday, 3 May, 4.10PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Cameron Gordon (Austin, Texas)
Knots with unknotting number 1 and Conway spheres
(Joint with geometry seminar)

Friday, 20 May, 4.10PM, Room 4312, JCMB
John Roe (Penn State)
The Hopf invariant and the quadratic construction

Autumn 2004

Friday, 24th September, 4.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Victor Buchstaber (Moscow and Edinburgh)
Toric topology

Thursday, 30th September, 4.10PM, Room 4312, JCMB (NOTE CHANGE OF DAY)
Ian Hambleton (McMaster)
Absolute torsion and the multiplicativity of the signature mod 4

Friday, 22nd October, 3.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Diarmuid Crowley (Heidelberg)
The classification of highly-connected odd-dimensional manifolds

Friday, 22nd October, 4.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Larry Taylor (Notre Dame)
Normal spaces

Tuesday, 9th November, 3PM, Room 6206, JCMB
Wolfgang Lueck (Muenster)
Equivariant Chern characters and applications to K- and L-theory
(Visit supported by LMS)

Friday, 12th November, 3.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Miles Reid (Warwick)
A 3-torsion element of Br PP^2
(Joint with Geometry Seminar)

Friday, 12th November, 4.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Jon Woolf (Cambridge)
Witt groups and Witt spaces

Thursday, 18th November (CHANGE OF DAY), 4.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Jan Dijkstra (Amsterdam)
Erdos space and homeomorphism groups of manifolds

Friday, 26th November, 4.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Dirk Schuetz (Muenster and Durham)
Finite domination and Novikov homology

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