Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Scottish Topology Seminars

Summer 2002

Friday, 16th August, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Des Sheiham (UC, Riverside)
Boundary link cobordism
(Visit supported by Edinburgh Mathematical Society)

Monday, 8th July, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Vladimir Manuilov (Moscow)
Almost asymptotic representations of discrete groups and K-theory

Friday, 14th June, 3.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Markus Banagl (Wisconsin)
Twisted characteristic classes, decompositions of perverse sheaves and stratifiable maps

Monday, 29th April and Tuesday, 30th April, ICMS, 14 India Street
Workshop on noncommutative localization in algebra and topology

Friday, 19th April, 3.00PM (Note unusual time), Room 4312, JCMB
Burt Totaro (Cambridge)
Torsion in the cohomology of compact Lie groups

Prof. Totaro will also give a talk on "Complexifications of nonnegatively curved manifolds"
in the Geometry Seminar on Thursday, 18th April, 4.00PM, Room 4312.

Spring 2002

Friday, 18th January, 2.30PM, Room 2B, Appleton Tower
Stavros Garoufalidis (Warwick)
Noncommutative localization and the Kontsevich integral

Friday, 15th February, 2.30PM, Room 5210, JCMB
Patrick Bangert (UCL)
Knotation and braid classification

Thursday, 21st February, 2.00PM, Room 5215, JCMB
Simon Willerton
Topological quantum field theories from complex manifolds
(Jointly with the Geometry Seminar)

Friday, 22nd February, 1.45PM, Room 3218, JCMB
Constantin Teleman (Cambridge)
Twisted K-theory and the moduli of G-bundles over Riemann surfaces
(Jointly with the Geometry Seminar)

The talks in the Geometry Seminar will be of interest to the prospective audience of the Scottish Topology Seminars.

Autumn 2001

Friday, 12th October, 2.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Dirk Schuetz (Edinburgh)
Controlled connectivity of closed 1-forms

Friday, 26th October
3.00PM, Room 6, Appleton Tower

Tom Bridgeland (Edinburgh)
Moduli spaces in birational geometry
4.45PM, Room 6, Appleton Tower
Aidan Schofield (Bristol)
Mukai equivalence for curves
(Jointly with the North British Quantum Groups Collective)

Tuesday, 30th October, 4.00PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Bruce Williams (Notre Dame)
Higher Reidemeister Torsion
(Jointly with the Geometry Seminar)

Friday, 2nd November, 2.30PM, Room 4312, JCMB
Miles Reid (Warwick)
Fano 3-folds
(Jointly with the Geometry Seminar)

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