A sequence of informal topology seminars at 4PM (unless otherwise indicated) in

Room 5215 (until August 13) and/or Room 4312 (from August 16)


Tuesday, 3rd August: Thomas Huettemann, "The algebraic K-theory of projective spaces"


Wednesday, 4th August: Diarmuid Crowley, "The classification of highly-connected manifolds"


Thursday, 5th August: Holger Reich, "Affiliated operators"

Friday, 6th August: Ursula Ludwig, "Stratified Morse theory"

Monday, 9th August: Andrew Korzeniewski, "The signature mod 4"

Tuesday, 10th August: Joerg Sixt, "l-monoids and (B,\beta)-surgery"

Wednesday, 11th August: Jeremy Brookman, "Codimension 1 splitting"

Thursday, 12th August: Des Sheiham, "Transversality over a bouquet of circles"

Friday, 13th August (3PM): Andrew Ranicki, "Chain bundles"

Monday, 16th August: Richard Hepworth, "Biquotients and 3-Sasakian manifolds"

Tuesday, 17th August: Elmer Rees, "Higher characters, symmetric products and Frobenius algebras"
Thursday, 19th August: Diarmuid Crowley, "The classification of simply-connected 7-manifolds"
Friday, 20th August: John Roe, "Surgery and analysis I"
Monday, 23rd August: John Roe, "Surgery and analysis II"
Tuesday, 24th August (4.30PM): John Roe, "Surgery and analysis III"