Editorial positions

  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Editorial Board for Articles (2011 -- )
  • Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications Editorial Advisory Board (2012 --)
  • Monografie Matematyczne Editorial Board (2011 --)
  • Past

  • Royal Society of Edinburgh, Proceedings A - Mathematics Editor (2008-2017)
  • Forum Mathematicum Editor (1990-2015)
  • European Mathematical Society Publishing House
    EMS Series of Lectures in Mathematics and EMS Tracts in Mathematics. (2000-2015)
  • K-theory (1990-2007)
    Statement 1 by Wolfgang Lück and Andrew Ranicki (13th August 2007)
    Statement 2 by Wolfgang Lück and Andrew Ranicki (17th August 2007)
    Statement 3 by Andrew Ranicki (18th August 2007)
    Nature article (22nd August 2007)
    Letter of Matthias Kreck to the editors of the Journal of K-theory (4th September 2007)
    K-theory editors (5th September 2007)
    Wolfgang Lück's personal statement (6th September 2007) Cartoon (With apologies to the New Yorker. The original referred to journalists)
    Article by Wolfgang Lück in DMV Mitteilungen (2007)
    Final statement of K-theory interim editors (Wolfgang Lück and Andrew Ranicki) 5th December, 2007
    Eureka Mathematical Journal Watch (K-theory wing)
    UPDATE Journal of K-theory editors on strike (15th September 2014)
    Journal of K-theory editors resign (5th November 2014)
  • Algebraic and Geometric Topology (2000-2010)