Photos from the Andrew Casson 60th birthday Conference, Austin, Texas, May 19-21, 2003

Group photo

Andrew Casson (4th from left), his advisor C.T.C.Wall (1st from left), and his students

The award of the honorary degree

The honorary degree

Cameron Gordon

Mike Freedman

Rob Kirby

Here is the entire collection of photographs taken by Bob and Karen Edwards.

dscn5445.jpg Picnic_1
dscn5446.jpg Picnic_2
dscn5447.jpg Picnic_3
dscn5448.jpg Picnic_4
dscn5449.jpg Picnic_5
dscn5450.jpg Picnic_6
dscn5451.jpg Picnic_7
dscn5452.jpg Picnic_8
dscn5453.jpg Picnic_9
dscn5454.jpg Banquet_1
dscn5455.jpg Banquet_2
dscn5456.jpg Banquet_3
dscn5457.jpg Banquet_4
dscn5458.jpg Banquet_5
dscn5459.jpg Banquet_6
dscn5460.jpg Banquet_7 (Cameron Gordon)
dscn5461.jpg Banquet_8
dscn5462.jpg Banquet_9 (Cameron Gordon)
dscn5463.jpg Banquet_10
dscn5464.jpg Banquet_11
dscn5465.jpg Banquet_12
dscn5466.jpg Banquet_13
dscn5467.jpg Banquet_14
dscn5468.jpg Banquet_15
dscn5469.jpg Banquet_16 (Cameron Gordon)
dscn5470.jpg Banquet_17
dscn5471.jpg Banquet_18
dscn5472.jpg Banquet_19
dscn5473.jpg Banquet_20
dscn5474.jpg Banquet_21 (Andrew Casson + Andrew Ranicki)
dscn5475.jpg Banquet_22 (Andrew Casson + Andrew Ranicki)
dscn5476.jpg Banquet_23 (Andrew Casson)
dscn5477.jpg Banquet_24 (Andrew Casson)
dscn5478.jpg Banquet_25 (Mike Freedman)
dscn5479.jpg Banquet_26
dscn5480.jpg Banquet_27
dscn5481.jpg Banquet_28 (Rob Kirby)
dscn5482.jpg Banquet_29 (Rob Kirby)
dscn5483.jpg Banquet_30
dscn5484.jpg Banquet_31
dscn5485.jpg Banquet_32
dscn5486.jpg Banquet_33
dscn5487.jpg Banquet_34 (Degree certificate)
dscn5488.jpg Banquet_35 (Degree certificate)
dscn5489.jpg Group_1
dscn5490.jpg Group_2
dscn5491.jpg Group_3
dscn5492.jpg Group_4
dscn5493.jpg Group_5
dscn5494.jpg Group_6
dscn5495.jpg Group_7 (Advisors+Students)
dscn5496.jpg Group_8 (Advisors+Students)
dscn5497.jpg Group_9 (Advisors+Students)

The photographs taken by Allan Edmonds are available from