Brilliant Geometry

  • An interactive exhibition on the art of mathematical projections
    was held Saturday, 13th May - Sunday, 4th June 2017 at the Summerhall Gallery : 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL.
  • School of Mathematics Colloquium "Brilliant Geometry" by Saul Schleimer and Henry Segerman, 3.00-4.30PM, Monday, 15th May, Lecture Theatre A, James Clerk Maxwell Building, King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh.
  • Brilliant Geometry brings the creativity and precision of mathematics to the general public, using computer-aided design, recent innovations in 3D printing, and very, very bright lights! The exhibit includes a variety of hand-held projectors, shadow lanterns and zoetropes with striking geometric features. We invite you to play with the idea of dimension, of projections, of polygons and polytopes, and of tilings.
  • Organizers :
    Henry Segerman, Department of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University
    Saul Schleimer, Mathematics Institute, Warwick University
    Sabetta Matsumoto, Department of Physics, Georgia Tech
    Peter Reid and Mark Reynolds, College of Science and Engineering Engagement Team, University of Edinburgh
    Francesca Iezzi, Johan Martens, Andrew Ranicki, Chris Sangwin, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh.
  • Supported by the Warwick Mathematics Institute, the University of Edinburgh College of Science and Engineering FUSION group and the University of Edinburgh School of Mathematics.
  • Glasgow Herald (16 May 2017)
    The Times (16 May 2017)
    The Times Behind the Shot: James Glossop (20 May 2017)
    The Scotsman (27 May 2017)
    Metro (2 June 2017)
    July 2017 London Mathematical Society Newsletter
    Exhibition walkthrough video (Henry, Sabetta and Saul)
    Another exhibition walkthrough (Matt Parker and Henry)
  • poster
  • Book: "Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing" by Henry Segerman (2016). Book website.
    Available online from the University of Edinburgh Library (requires EASE login).
  • Videos and Wikipedia articles with further information about the mathematics behind the exhibit.
    Stereographic projection video
    Stereographic projection Wikipedia article
    Further adventures in stereographic projection video
    Triangle tilings video
    Triangle tilings Wikipedia article
    Illuminating hyperbolic geometry video
    Hyperbolic geometry Wikipedia article
    Stereographic projection animations
    "Sculpture in four dimensions" (video of talk by Henry Segerman at 2014 exhibit)
    "Symmetry and Felix Klein's quartic curve" (video of talk by Saul Schleimer at 2015 GLU meeting) Alex's adventures in numberland (Guardian, 30 October 2014).
  • poster
  • 3D models for printing at home or online.
  • Papers by Saul Schleimer and Henry Segerman for further study.
    Sculptures in S3
    Puzzling the 120-cell
    Conformally correct tilings
  • Previous exhibit (2014) and catalogue