ICMS conference: Harmonic analysis, stochastics and PDEs

8-12 June 2020

ICMS, Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT, United Kingdom

Scientific organisers:

This five-day workshop is devoted to the areas of harmonic analysis, stochastic analysis and partial differential equations (PDEs).

Harmonic analysis, stochastic analysis and PDEs are intimately related fields of great importance in mathematics. The relationship between harmonic analysis and PDE theory has a long and extremely successful history; harmonic analysis played a fundamental role in settling some of the central problems in the field of linear and nonlinear PDEs, including elliptic, parabolic, dispersive and hyperbolic equations and systems. On the other hand, recent advances in our theoretical understanding of PDEs has stimulated further development of analytical ideas and tools in harmonic analysis.

The interactions harmonic analysis, stochastic analysis and PDEs include

The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers in different fields (analysis, probability and PDEs) to generate cross-disciplinary research interactions and an exchange of ideas and methods from PDEs, probability and harmonic analysis. It is our desire to make the workshop accessible to researchers who are not specialists in certain areas of the this workshop. This will be made possible through a variety of the lecture series by world-leading experts, a wide range of contributed talks and plenty of time for free discussion.

Mini-courses: There will be four lecture series, each consisting of 3 one-hour lectures:

Contributed talks: There will be 40 minute and 25 minute talks by a mixture of leading experts and young researchers:

Public lecture: On Tuesday night, we will hold a public lecture accessible to the general audience:

Poster session: There will be a poster session by young participants on Monday evening.


Details regarding participation will appear at the ICMS website in due course